Our principle is Quality first, service best

Hello. Welcome to Faucon Industries.

With aim to provide highly reliable services, we have started Faucon Industries. In this fast moving and rapidly changing world, Tire is one Industry which is not keeping pace with changes happening around in other Industries. We have seen Internet, Software, Smart Phones, Telecom, Steel Industry etc that are launching new products and variants on every day basis but not much is happening if we talk about Tires. The main problem that Dealers & Importers are facing is that Manufacturers & exporters are more interested to make money than to properly address their Customer’s Concerns. With most of the Tire exporting companies working through their Channel Partners, senior management many times do not get to understand Basic problems of their Dealers, Importers.

With an experience of more than 12 years in International Travelling and having met more than 100 Small & Big Tire dealers across Asia, Europe, USA, Latin America, Africa & Middle East, I decided to open Faucon Industries to establish personal relationship with Customers and treat them as Business Partners and not just as customers whom we sell and make money while letting them suffer. Through Faucon, we will be able to deliver personalized solutions and offering deals where customers can actually earn Profits with Peace of Mind. Below are the Benefits of working with us:

  1. Personalized Solution to each problem.
  2. All working directly handled by Faucon management to solve Ground level problems of customers.
  3. Offering new Patterns, Designs at regular Intervals to have competitive edge.
  4. To keep stocks for customers and ship them as & when required by them.
  5. Offering Brand Exclusivity.
  6. Offering yearly Cash Backs upon achievement of Targets by way of One to One Agreements.
  7. Organizing Training & Dealer’s meetings once in a Year.
  8. Helping Customers in their needs for other products.
  9. Favorable Payment Terms.
  10. Visits by Faucon Management twice a year to understand market and develop new products accordingly.

When we started Faucon Industries, we successfully created a culture of working with Business Values & Right Ethics. From Day One whom so ever we have contacted, we have received love and open feedback and we are working closely with them. Needless to say that all our tires will be certified with all Quality Certificates as required in your country. Our efforts will always be on to provide Most Competitive products at lowest prices with highest quality.

With this message, I would like to thank you for the support & love. Wish you all the very Best of Luck and I would be happy to be part of growth for your Organization.

Harpreet Singh
CEO, Faucon Industries




Address: 396, Mega Avenue, Industrial Area A, Ludhiana – 141003